I feel energised and released. Like a ton weight has gone. You are amazing and you really helped me move forward. Thank you.


Beautiful session, intensely healing. Abbie you are wonderful!

Catherine Jeans

Very good and I feel EPIC

Lucia (9yrs)

I was really impressed with how you nurtured and encouraged Lucia. Thank you.

Lucia’s Mum

It has been great pleasure to know Abbie. I believe Abbie is a natural leader and so at ease with all kinds of people. Abbie possesses all the skills and qualities as a transformational breath facilitator and coach. I found Abbie to be very thoughtful, caring, gentle with a strong sense of self acceptance, which allows her to be accepting of others.

Abbie is great at explaining processes and applying them during her one to one breath work sessions. She is also excellent at expressing affirmations and setting intentions. Abbie has helped me see and create abundance and prosperity out of any given situation and increase a positive outlook, thus, created tangible improvement in all areas of my life.

Most importantly, Abbie has extraordinary energy, a contagious smile and a beautiful heart.

I’m grateful to know Abbie and will continue to want to work with her in the future. Thank you for everything Angel.

Maryam Redha

Absolutely wonderful. Peaceful and relaxing.


Very relaxing. Brought out emotions that I have kept buried. Realised how much I keep buried inside me.


My body went through a lot of sensations throughout the session. I feel like the session has helped me to release the build up of tension and give me a clearer mindset to tackle challenges.


Amazing experience!!! I became aware of my breathing (or lack of!) Consciously breathing allowed me to relax and unwind.


I felt a real release during my session. I felt more relaxed and I felt the negativity leaving my chest area. My breathing towards the end felt so smooth and relaxed.

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