A Little Breathing Space

Creating great transformation in health & wellbeing through the power of our breathing system



Stress can arrive at our door in many different formats. It is completely impossible to remove all the stressors from our everyday lives. These stressful life experiences can effect the way that we breathe, causing restricted shallow breathing patterns that have a detrimental impact on our health and wellbeing.

By unblocking these restricted breathing patterns, through an easy-to-learn conscious connected breathing technique, it opens up our diaphragm and gives us the ability to transform the way we feel physically, mentally and emotionally.

Transformational breath® is a natural and gentle self-healing technique that activates the body’s resources to promote health and well-being from within.

An analysis of your breathing pattern will highlight where the restrictions are occurring within your body and through a safe and easy-to-learn breathing technique you will be able to open and clear these blockages, producing many benefits to your health and wellbeing.


Physical Wellbeing

Learning to breathe more efficiently, opens and expands our breathing to support the body’s natural healing abilities. 70% of the body’s toxins are released through exhalation. Deep diaphragmatic breathing allows high volumes of oxygen to be absorbed by the lungs, allowing it to cleanses and revitalise the body. This process brings…

  • more energy
  • increased detoxification
  • strengthens immune system
  • improved respiratory system
  • improved metabolism & digestion

Mental & Emotional

Western research has shown that by changing your breathing pattern it can alter mental and emotional states. Healing traumas and negativity that we hold onto, allows us to release the past and move forward in our lives, which in turn…

  • creates a relaxed state
  • reduces stress & anxiety
  • relieves depression & negative thought patterns
  • clears old suppressed & repressed feelings
  • releases past traumas
  • creates a deeper levels of peace, creativity & clarity
  • boosts self esteem & positivity
  • raises energy levels

Vibrational Energy

The human body is an electromagnetic field made up of a trillion cells. Each cell is made up of molecules, which are composed of atoms. Each atom is a ‘fuzzy’ ball of charge and has its very own electric field that is always vibrating, this makes each thought, emotion and feeling… vibrational energy.

Everything in life is a vibration.

Albert Einstein

Old repressed feelings such as anger, fear, anxiety or guilt are stored at cellular level and vibrate at lower frequencies in our electromagnetic field. In physics, The Law of Entrainment states that any lower vibrational energy will rise to sychronise with the higher vibrational energy. Through this breathing technique, the breath produces a strong higher positive energy vibration, altering the body’s electromagnetic field to integrate and permanently transform. Leaving us…

  • feeling lighter, brighter & clearer
  • full of peace & clarity
  • a deeper awareness & connection of self
  • able to have a deeper meditation practice